Active Release Technique (ART)
- ART is a myofascial technique used to free up joints and stretch muscle. This technique is done both passively and actively which means the doctor will put you through a range of motion and then the patient will copy in order to increase the stretch. This technique is great for the weekend warrior as well as patient's with sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. Once again, this technique can only be done by certified clinicians. 

Dr. Beth is full body certified in ART and part of their Elite Provider Network. Certified Practitioners are required to stay abreast on the techniques and attend yearly courses that range from 8-24 hours; most requiring a practical examination that requires 90% or better to pass. 

Our clinic is certified in the following:

  • Lower Extremity (LE) 
  • Spine (SP) 
  • Upper Extremity (UE) 
  • Long Tract Nerve Entrapments (NE)