Athlete care

Looking for something different than your traditional chiropractic care? Need a bit more direction to help you accomplish your goals?
We are happy to offer Athlete specific care now at Riverwest Chiropractic Center. 
Whether you are training for an event, injured, overtrained or just missing those foundational building blocks; Riverwest Athlete Care is here to help.
We can put together a tailor-made plan that will help you achieve your goals,
one-on-one with the Doctor. 

We treat novice, beginner and experienced athletes. 


Active Release Techniques

Remove scar tissue and regain the range of motion you thought you had lost. 
Active Release is a great tool for when you first feel the onset of pain as well as for the nagging pain you have put off for too long. We will get you back to the sport you enjoy in no time. Plus, with ART, there is no down time. 


Run coaching

Dr. Beth is a certified RRCA running coach. Let us put together your training plan and put in strengthening and balance exercises so you won't get hurt before your next big goal. 



Each sport we do require special muscle firing and movements. Runners traditionally have weak gluteal muscles and swimmers tend to over-use their shoulders. We can give you simple and effective exercises specific to your sport to keep you going and injury free. 



Cupping is available. We utilize RockPods cupping as they are more flexible and allow you to move with them as well as allowing the practitioner to push and pull fascia to treat pain, immobility and movement dysfunctions.



RockTape is a great way to keep you in the game. Not only will it remove a bruise in a snap; RockTape decreased inflammation, gets nerves to fire more effectively and give the body postural cues with zero discomfort. You can swim, run and shower with RockTape and it lasts for days. 


Physitrack home exercise program

We utilize Physitrack technology. Get your home exercises with the convience of your smartphone on PhysiApp! The doctor can send you a personalized exercise program with 3D models. Not sure if you are doing them right? You can also video-chat with the doctor (fee associated) in the comfort of your own home.