Ever rub your muscles and feel a sore area that you can almost feel with your finger tips? That's scar tissue. Graston Technique is done with stainless steel instruments on the surface of the skin. It is very similar to massage to tends to get even deeper in our muscle tissue. Graston works to break up scar tissue of adhesions in our muscle and fascia. We get scar tissue from repetitive motions as well as traumatic events. Scar tissue stops your muscles and fascia from sliding and moving through a full range of motion. Scar tissue lays down in all planes of movement, therefore making it hard to go away on its own.With these specialized instruments, the physician works with and across muscle fibers to break up the adhesions. Graston can only be done by certified clinicians.

Treatments are painless and the problem is usually remedied in 6-8 visits.