Menstrual Issues

Chiropractors probably are not at the top of your list when you think of menstrual irregularities. Often times, women will go through a barrage of tests and ancillary treatments when they start encountering menstrual changes. Your first step should always be to see your OB/GYN to rule out anything serious. But when all diagnostic come back negative or within normal limits, perhaps turn your mind to spinal health.

The spine is the “expressway” from which all information in your body travels to your organs, tissues and brain. Information is sent from your brain to your other tissues and back again. At different levels of the spine, nerves take their “exit ramp” out and to the areas they are supposed to be influencing. In the case of menstrual irregularities, it would be the nerves at the base of your spine; lumbar and sacral areas. Now imagine that the “exit ramp” is smaller than it should be or it is congested; that nerve can struggle to get its full information out to or from the spine. There is a kink in the system. Studies show that the weight of a dime can change a nerves function by 60%! That weight of a dime could be from swelling, misalignment, or even a muscular spasm. The same “kink” may also be occurring on nerves that influence our tissues that regulate hormonal release and creation. 


To adjust that area of dysfunction and properly align the vertebrae so the message is not interrupted can many times help with menstrual issues. Once the interruption is removed, the organ and brain can talk to one another more clearly; like taking the kink out of a garden hose.

Think of your nervous system this way; when you touch a hot griddle with your finger, its not your finger that decides to pull away. Instead, your pain receptions or nociceptors in your finger send a lightening fast message to your brain and your brain responds just as quickly with a reply of “Ouch! That is hot!” and you pull your finger off the griddle in an instant.

Personally, I owe much of my own success with chiropractic care to my Mother. When I was experiencing muscle, bone and nerve pain as a child, it was my Mother that took me to a chiropractor because she had ha such a profound experience herself. After three years of almost month long menses, multiple doctors, tests and surgeries, a family member suggested she see a chiropractor. After 3 months of chiropractic care, what she had been dealing with for 3 years with absolutely no change was gone!

If you think you might be experiencing something similar, do not hesitate to contact us. We alway offer a free consultation so we can better understand what is going on and if chiropractic could help you.