Therapeutic Fascial Taping
- Ever wonder about the colorful tape you see on athletes during the Olympic games and professional sporting events? Now you can experience it yourself. These tapes are made of a flexible cotton with a wave-like glue pattern on the underside. They are used to increase range of motion and have a minor stabilizing effect. They work with your bodies proprioception - that means helping your nerves fire correctly so your body knows where it is in space. It gently pulls on the skin and fascia to facilitate nerve impulses in an area that might be lacking as well as creating a better channel for swelling to pass through. This tape also works very well on bruising as it allows more space for the swelling and pooling of blood to travel and leave from the injured area. 

- We also offer cupping to increase blood flow to injured tissues. When soft tissue is injured, the fibroblasts that lay down might inadvertently decreased the amount of new blood that can reach that area to assist in healing.